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We are a group of Yemeni women experts, and we initiated to work on a platform to discuss with our audience about enhancing women participation on the local level in Yemen. This website offers a general reference on women’s issues in Yemen, as well as our perspective on the debate.

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Serious Soap Opera "The Hero Inside Us"

The very successful serious soap opera „A Hero Inside Us“ features the story of six Yemeni personas experiencing different disputes in their everyday lives. The series addresses the topic of non-violent conflict transformation in a vivid way. Throughout the series, the main characters receive tools and approaches to resolve their disputes from Kareem, a professor of peace and coexistence. The characters of the series, featuring a unique two-city approach, are connected via social media. The series consists of 10 episodes each accompanied by a „Behind the Story“ Clip conveying learning messages. In these, coexistence detectives decode and discuss the learning messages that are implicit in the storyline of the episodes. The serious soap opera is available on Arabia Felix‘ social media channels.
أودو • نص وصورة

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